Marina Barredo Perez-Yarza, VIOLA

Marina began studying viola and violin at the Conservatory of Bilbao. After graduating with distinction she moved to The Hague to study with Ron Ephrat and completed her Bachelor of Music. She later joined the Barenboim-Said Orchestral Academy and studied with Felix Schwartz, soloist of Berlin Staastskapelle.  While studying she also joined the Youth Orchestra of the Basque Country, the National Youth Orchestra of Spain and the Gustav Mahler Jugend Orchester.

Given the need for a change and after completing her studies, she began her interest in early music. She was selected as a full member of the European Baroque Orchestra and also by the European Baroque Academy of Ambronay.

She has also collaborated with the Granada Baroque Orchestra, Accademia del Piacere in the album "Amore di Marte", Al Ayre Español, Seville Baroque Orchestra, la Dispersione, Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra of Navarra, Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra, Royal Symphony Orchestra of Seville, Ensemble Kuraia, Euskal Barrokensemble and Kammerphilarmonia of the Basque Country to name but a few.

As a chamber musician, she has performed in the music circuit of the Council of Seville, the Caja Duero promoted concert series, the “Injuve”music circuit, Sitges International Festival and in the "Cultur" concert series promoted by the Government of Navarra.

Marina also has a degree in History from the University of Deusto and teaches regularly after successfully obtaining the position of tutor in viola at the Conservatory of Bilbao.