NCB offers a number of programmes which also have an education project associated. One example is our learn about the Life of King Louis XIV in June 2015 thirty children aged 6 spent the afternoon learning about the music, instruments and dance of King Louis XIV. The afternoon began with a musical introduction to the children as they came in to sit amongst the NCB musicians as they played. The musicians then introduced themselves and their instruments to the children in French and we explained a little about each instrument group and then about King Louis XIV our theme for our project. The children could get up close to the instruments and the musicians and ask questions. We then went outside to learn a little song composed by the musicians about King Louis XIV with incorporated body percussion and introduced the children to basic baroque dance to round the afternoon off. The children were asked to draw pictures about their experience with NCB and what they enjoyed the most about the afternoon. Below you can see pictures from the education project and drawings from some of the children.